Curious Orb -  Animator                                                             

 Software: Maya, Arnold

 Participated in a month and a half long project for AE PDX's "Curiosity" short film as a part of   Design Week Portland 2018.


3D Breakdown


11 Second Club Jan 2021 - Animator

Software: Maya, Arnold

Animated a dialogue piece provided by the 11 Second Club for their January 2021 competition

Toonami Countdown - Animator

Software: Maya                        

Involved in all levels of animation, starting with Previs and working up to polished animation

Curious Orb - Animator

Software: Maya, Arnold

Participated in a project for AE PDX's "Curiosity" short film as a part of Design Week Portland 2018


Sweet Dreams - Animator

Software: Maya

Short film from The Art Institute of Portland. Involved with concept art and animation

Lost Wallet - Clean Up Animator

Software: Maya

A personal project, cleaning up motion capture data. I utilized Maya's Human IK system to map and animate the MoCap rig

New Amsterdam Chimps - Animator

Software: Maya

Animated three realistic chimps and their props for multiple shots in a car commercial

Dog Run -  Animator

Software: Maya

A personal project, practicing quadruped animation

Brawler Box Throw - Animator

Software: Maya

A personal project practicing body mechanics, prop interaction and performance


2D Breakdown


Cefanight Sheep - Animator

Software: After Effects

Created a short animation for a Fiverr client. I was provided with illustrations that I then rigged and animated.

Date Night - Animator

Software: Adobe Flash

Personal project animated to dialogue


Kiss of Death - Animator

Software: Toon Boom Harmony

This was a final project for a class 


11 Second Club March 2017 - Animator

Software: After Effects

This was a personal project practicing animation and rigging in After Effects


Blue Spruce Toolworks - Animator

Software: After Effects

This was an experimental project animating a logo for a friend